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Application Performance Monitoring: Common Types and Their Importance

APM (Application Performance Monitoring) is the management and monitoring of the availability and performance of software applications. The goal of the monitoring processes is to offer end users a good experience. In the last few years, applications have been evolving steadily. As a result, they have become dynamic, robust, complex, as well as distributed in […]

How to Open and Run a Successful Marijuana Store

Opening a marijuana store is not an easy task as one may seem to think. The process of translating the idea into an actual store in operation is a daunting task which requires loads of time with lots of efforts, capital and also patience. A myriad of people would view this as a risky business […]

Coming to Grips with Sip Trunking

SIP Trunking is a phone communications system in a company that uses the internet rather than a traditional telephone network. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used for communications over the internet. SIP trunking is cheaper than traditional telephone networks and companies can reduce their phone bills substantially by using SIP trunking.  Why does one […]

Employing Pharmaceutical Tracking for Consumer Safety

Consumer safety and product integrity are two major concern across the pharmaceutical industry. Populations rely on different types of pharmaceutical products for treating diseases and various conditions. They also use pharma products in maintaining overall health and wellness. As a multi-billion industry, there is no guarantee that all aspects of the pharmaceutical supply chain are […]

Reasons Why Every Business Should Employ Accounting Software

The days of paying a bookkeeper or being one yourself are coming to an end. With the availability of online accounting software, keeping the finances of your business up-to-date and accurate is easier than ever before. If you haven’t already employed the use of an accounting software at your business, we highly recommend that you […]