Using Social Media to Market a Niche Business

Social media is a dominant force in modern marketing strategies. Millions of businesses worldwide use social media to promote their businesses and build a recognizable brand. Creating a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can boost sales and attract new customers. It works well for most businesses, but if you are running a niche business, social media can be a real godsend.

Traditional forms of marketing such as leaflet distribution, radio and billboard ads, and cold calling won’t work for niche companies. This type of campaign only works for mass-appeal businesses. Marketing a niche business is challenging. Your customer base is limited, and you may have to go the extra mile to find them.

For example, let’s imagine you sell custom heating assemblies. Mainstream advertising is unlikely to be successful unless you target existing customers, but if you devise a social media advertising campaign, it is much easier for you to locate prospects and target them directly.

The great thing about social media is that you can devise a precise marketing campaign using specific keywords, so only people interested in your products and services will find you or see your ads. You can also interact with customers directly, which helps build a better relationship with them.

To make social media work for your niche business, take note of the following tips.

Choose the Right Platform

It is important that you target the right platform. There is a huge amount of noise on social media, which makes it hard for niche businesses to be heard. Look for the social media platform that best fits your business. For example, if your products are highly visual, use Instagram or Pinterest, but if you are promoting a service to other businesses, LinkedIn is a good choice.

Experiment with Varied Content

Research your target customers, so you know who you are dealing with. For some niche products, for example, the custom heating assemblies we mentioned earlier, video can work extremely well, as it is a great way of showing your customers how niche products work.

Visual content is very popular on social media, but you need to make sure that the content you post isn’t too dry and uninteresting, or you risk turning off potential customers. Mix it up and experiment with text, images, and infographics. You don’t need to stick too closely to your core message, but content should be relevant and contain keywords so customers can find you online.

Curate Content

Producing an endless stream of rich content is hard work, so spend time curating third-party content too. Retweet interesting posts or industry news stories and share relevant content on your Facebook feed. Encourage customers to include a hashtag related to your business when they post online – in return for a discount code.

Social Media Ads

Don’t underestimate the value of social media PPC ads. These are a cost-effective way of reaching a motivated audience.

Always engage with customers on social media. If you don’t respond to their posts, they will probably move on to one of your competitors.