Tips for creating appealing printed T-shirt designs

The process of printing unimaginable designs on T-shirts is always preceded by a very crucial creative endeavour that involves graphic design. Furthermore, it adds value and evokes a sense of appeal in the eyes of a customer resulting to the production of mind blowing fashionable garments or clothing. Printed T-shirts is the new sheriff in town that’s associated with glamour in terms of expression and the intriguing bit of being able to make profits in the case of an entrepreneur. T-shirts come in a wide variety of colours (white, red, blue…) and size (large, medium, small). In addition, plain T-shirts are the best choice since they offer designers with space as a medium of channelling their creative ideas into the world. Are you an enthusiast of printed T-shirts? Here are some tips that can aid you in coming up with lucrative designs

Product design

There are three ways in which the design can be achieved. The first obvious method involves being in the helm of every piece of action as the designer. Additionally, it requires you to find a source of inspiration that will guide and offer direction in terms of what should be printed on a T-shirt. Secondly, having no knowledge whatsoever in design doesn’t rule you out completely. Instead, there is state of the art design images on the internet that can be downloaded to achieve the same purpose. Lastly, you can opt for a competent as well as experienced individual in the realm of design to work for you. The secret here, is scrutinizing designers through their previous creations; set of skills used to achieve fulfilment of finer details on a t-shirt.

Printing decisions

The commencement of printing initiates after integrating concepts and ideas into one extraordinary creation known as design. In the same line of thought, it’s a modest control measure to first produce a prototype before going into full-scale production. A mock up is very important since it highlights the flaws and it also facilitates the production of a decent product that enhances user experience. What t-shirt printing technique do you plan on using? Here, a designer can be spoiled of choice due to the many methods that exist such as hand painting, bleaching, stamping, transfer paper method and many others. There is no debate on the quality of print, it should be nothing less than spot on.


Diving directly into a niche without a well-crafted plan stipulating all the aspects of the idea is a detrimental dead end or an endless pit; full of uncertainty. In addition, it’s upon you to engineer ways of finding various sources of funds that will actually initiate the project from start to completion. You need to plan extensively on the amount to spend on materials, design and printing services.


The foundation of any thriving niche is always based on satisfying customer needs and requirements. In the same spirit, points highlighted above are geared towards making things happen as far as printing t-shirts is concerned.