Pondicherry is a greatly impressive place to visit, especially for first-timers. The French heritage of this Union Territory is quite evident to date. Combine that with the romantic setting of several beaches and seaside restaurants and it creates the most exotic setting ever. So, it goes without saying that it is one of India’s biggest players in the tourism business. The best thing is that it is completely affordable for almost anyone. Book a room for Pondicherry resorts online to get the best offers and discounts. Almost every resort in or near Pondicherry is set near a beach and seaside experience is guaranteed for any trip to Pondicherry.

Another unique thing about Pondicherry is that most resorts are quite easily accessible. Almost all of the resorts in Pondicherry are close to either Pondicherry Airport, or Puducherry Railway Station, or a bus stop. It is best to book a Pondicherry resort room to one near all three modes of transport, but in any case, it is not hard to find the resorts. The other important thing to remember is to book the rooms beforehand because these resorts are always in high demand. Seeing as Pondicherry is a seaside Union Territory, the weather is mild and comfortable all year round. So, there is no fixed time that can be called the peak tourist season and the visitors keep piling up all year long.

Thinking of Visiting Pondicherry? Read on for Tips to a Comfortable Stay

Some of the best resorts in Pondicherry are also quite close to other local tourist spots besides the beach. There is a lot that Pondicherry has to offer including superb places of worship for different religions, stunning art galleries and museums, botanical gardens, zoos, theme parks, and even boating clubs. Book a room for Pondicherry resorts online for the best access to some of the most memorable places to visit. Of course, there will always be some attractions that are far away from the resort you decide to stay in, but most resorts will arrange for travel and transit at very competitive rates.

Another thing that people usually look into before they book a Pondicherry resort room is the food they serve. Most resorts have their own dining facilities and many even offer a complimentary breakfast buffet. The most commonly served cuisines in Pondicherry resorts are French, South Indian, North Indian, and Italian. It is also a good idea to check the amenities that the resort provides before booking a room. Most seaside resorts will offer a private beach, Wi-Fi, parking, newspapers, laundry services, conference rooms, banquet halls for social events, hot and cold running water, and in-house dining. It is probably better to check first anyhow.

The best way to shortlist when you book a room for Pondicherry resorts online is to view the reviews from real visitors on popular travel websites. Also, if a travelogue mentions a particular resort and write it up, it is probably a good resort to stay in and the features of the resort, as well as the rooms, will be listed there. Another important metric in choosing a place to stay is the reviews that people write about the rooms themselves. A swimming pool in the resort is meaningless if the rooms are dirty and unhygienic. The same thing applies to room service and the behavior of the staff.

The hospitality industry is a booming business and every so often, people will encounter rude and deliberately unhelpful staff. The good thing is that with so many online forums, people write about these shortcomings as well. So, book a Pondicherry resort room only when you are absolutely certain of the quality of service as well. Also, go through the fine print for an added measure. It is a horrible experience if the resort charges extra for an amenity and the guest is unaware of it. This leads to a lot of bad reactions which may ruin the trip for you altogether.

Visit Pondicherry, Book Your Rooms Today

Do make sure to book a room in advance. It is a horrific experience getting stranded in an unfamiliar place with nowhere to go. It is also not a nice thing to have to lug heavy travel baggage from one resort to the next hoping that they have accommodation, food, and hopefully a hot shower. This applies especially to tourists traveling with children. Traveling with children can be a hassle even without giving them an extra excuse to be unhappy. That said, Pondicherry is probably one of the most welcoming and warm places to visit in India. Drink in the smell of the sea and the buzz of the French quarter in the most exotic part of India today.