Whether you’ve just finished constructing your new deck or backyard shed, it’s safe to say that you look at it with pride. There’s nothing better than crafting something meaningful with your own two hands. Keeping that meaningful product safe and ensuring it lasts for a long time should be on the top of your priority list. A wood stain is essential for many reasons when it comes to keeping your project pristine.

Weather is unpredictable and can silently ruin your project quickly. Water from rain, snow, and even morning dew can take its toll on the wood your project is made out of. The water will seep into the wood grains and cause each piece to bow and expand in an unpleasant way. Wood stains work to make your wood waterproof so that these eyesores don’t happen to your pristine project. A simple coat of a high-quality stain will ensure there is a safe barrier between the wood grains and the elements. 

Rot is your worse enemy when it comes to preserving wood. Rotting can occur due to mildew, termites, and other pests. When rotting starts, unfortunately, there is no way to stop it. This is a big problem that can destroy your new shed or deck in no time. It’s important to note that as wood rots out, it becomes structurally unstable. This means your deck flooring could give out when you walk across it or, depending on how bad the rotting is, the whole deck could eventually collapse. A simple afternoon with a paintbrush and wood sealant will ensure that your wood doesn’t rot out. 

The weather elements are not the only factor that can alter the health of the wood used in your project. Long periods of sun exposure can lead to damaged wood that loses its color. this holds true for materials that are outside and those inside near windows. Be conscious of wood furniture that sites near windows that let in sunlight throughout the day. A simple coat of wood stain can protect these pieces of furniture and other wood projects from losing their color due to excessive sunlight exposure.

Apart from protecting the wood, you may also want to utilize wood stains to alter the color of your project. If you currently enjoy the color of the wood you used to construct the project, then a clear sealant is a good choice for you. If you would like to change the color of the natural wood to something darker, you can easily do so with wood stain. There is a large variety of stains available, so you’ll be sure to find one that you absolutely love. It’s vital that you do understand how to apply the wood stain because you don’t want to end up making the wood darker than your initial preference.

Wood stains are an essential component of keeping wood projects in pristine condition. As you can see, there are many elements beyond your control that can ruin the hard work that you put in to construct your project. Take the time to apply a wood stain to ensure your handiwork stays around for a long time.