Warehouse storage systems, also known as warehouse shelving or pallet racking, help in systematic, safe and organized storage and retrieve of products. The stored products can be anything from raw material to semi-finished goods to finished goods from any business segment. With sky rocketing real estate prices, warehouse racking helps in increasing the storage capacity by fully utilizing the warehouse height. Most of the static storage systems are configured with few common components such as uprights, beams and safety accessories.

As business and operational challenges and concerns vary for different businesses, storage systems need to upgrade themselves to fulfil the ever-changing requirements. As there is multiple storage systems meant for different purposes, it is always better to consult a warehouse storage solutions partner to custom design your storage system to meet all important parameters.

Now, let us try to understand the features of the most popular warehouse storage racks.

Selective Storage Rack:

It is the most popular storage racking system used by multiple industries owing to its ease of usage. This storage racking system uses a locking system on the beams, which are affixed to the vertical upright sections. It makes the structure of the beams more stable and reliable. What’s more, its flexible nature makes it easy for the warehouse workforce to effortlessly increase/decrease the height of beams. It is best suited for fast moving regular items with less SKUs.

Double Deep Storage Rack:

Double deep pallet racking is one of the best storage solutions for normal, cold and temperature controlled ware houses and as it helps to increase the pallet density and efficiency. It is created by keeping two standard selective racks back-to-back in double deep configurations. These types of racks are used to increase the warehouse storage space in most cost-effective manner. It is mostly used in warehouses where they utilize the LIFO inventory rotation with limited space. Its space can also be increased by maximizing the space of the floor by 60 to 70%.

Multi-Tier Storage Rack:

Multi-tier racking system is another way to store and retrieve products in an efficient manner. It helps in better utilizing the warehouse height by creating storage space at multiple levels in a ware house. It is best suited for light weight products which are manually handled. The higher levels can be accessed with staircases and gangways. It can be installed directly on the concrete floor or on the top of a mezzanine structure. It drives efficiency by facilitating simultaneous and multiple pickings on each level in your warehouse.

Drive-in Pallet Racking:

Drive-in Racking ensures the optimum utilization of both space and height by bundling together large volumes of a single SKU. This racking system is closely based on the storage by accumulation principle. This system is best suited for batch storage of few SKUs and several pellets while offering an extremely high storage density of up to 85%. Drive-in Pallet Racking ensures maximum utilization of the available space and that too at a cost-effective price. In this racking system, the material handling equipment is driven into the lanes inside the racks to retrieve and deposit pallets. These pallets are supported on cantilever arms that are specifically designed for this purpose.

Your warehouse can have a mix of one or more storage solutions depending upon the kind of goods that you store and other underlying factors and parameters. Book your consultation with SILVER LINING Storage to custom-design and install the best fit storage solution for efficient warehousing operations.