The sending of professional parcels remains a very frequent action in the breasts of many companies. To ensure a safe shipment, you should know various small tips that allow you to make the best choice and offer you especially for better guarantee of sending your packages.

Tip # 1: Analyze available offers 

For all professionals, Courier Point offers a variety of parcel solutions, as well as many other professional organizations such as parcel delivery to USA that also target professionals.
So before making your choice, it is necessary to compare the various offers, and to do this, there are many online comparators that allow a first sorting between providers. This allows you to identify the providers that meet your requirements, your requirements and expectations.

Indeed, depending on your shipments in national or international, depending on the volume of your package and according to deadlines to be respected, different solutions are available to you to meet your constraints. The factors that come into play can be many, but for every problem there is a solution, just choose the best option. Compare the options available for your shipment remains our first advice.

Tip # 2: the choice of cardboard for the packing of your Parcel

The choice of the box to send your package is essential. Indeed, it is important to know if there are requirements for sending parcels and if packaging is part of it. In general, a package of poor quality for a package causes the refusal to send the it by the providers. Organizations such as Courier Point, DHL or Chronopost require packages to be suitably packaged. This ensures in part the stability of the package during transport.

Tip # 3: Check the clarity of the shipping documents

For pro offers, it is usually proposed a pickup system to avoid professionals to move to a position. Take advantage of these services which, in general, will tell you during the pickup if your package seems to meet the shipping standards.

Indeed, the packaging and the label are essential to ensure the sending of your professional package. Attentions then to well check the clarity of the labels and any additional shipping document. This information is used in case of return.

Immediate Availability

If you are feeling inconvenience about your package, they should help you by online chat or toll-free contact number. Everyone avoids the rude behavior of the staff.

Cost of Courier

You must ensure the costs for the courier services before making an order. You know the lower cost is not guarantee of reliability of the service. You need to verify the other criteria of the courier service then you can decide the cost for the service.


If you are sending confidential information or precious goods and they cannot be arrived due to any reason, you will be not worried about it if it is secured by the shipment insurance like parcel to Netherlands cheap which is providing you the insurance.  You need to ensure that the courier service is providing insurance before sending sensitive or confidential information.  It will be an important factor in case of sending confidential documents.