Do you remember all the stickers that you collected as a kid? Those who grew up in the 1980s purchased and collected stickers from different sources that they stored and displayed inside binders and folders. While sticker collecting isn’t as popular today, you can still use these little labels to appeal to customers and advertise your business. The adhesive on the back of each one lets you stick the labels onto different materials, but you’ll also want to pass out stickers to some of your customers and let them advertise for you.

Go Rogue

The next time that you find yourself walking down the streets, keep your eyes peeled for any stickers or labels that you come across. Many artists and bands use stickers as a way to advertise their work. They place these stickers on utility poles, the sides of buildings and anywhere else they can reach. This is a fun form of viral marketing that can help your business grow. Go rogue and post as many of your stickers as you can in out of the way places as well as in popular places around town to get people talking about your business.

Sell Stickers

If you pay attention to the cars that pass you on the highway, you might notice that many people have bumper stickers from their favorite stores and restaurants on the back of their vehicles. These stickers are especially popular among travelers who like sharing their experiences with others, but some people also display stickers from their favorite local companies. You can offer waterproof labels for sale from your business that won’t peel off and won’t fade when exposed to the sun or rain. Anyone who drives by a customer’s car will get a look at your sticker.

Hand Out Free Designs

Creating two or more different types of stickers is a great way to advertise your business. You can create some more intricate designs that you sell to customers and make some basic or plain stickers that you hand out for free. Customers can grab one of the free stickers when they stop by your business or when they make a purchase. Free stickers can also serve as a promotional tool when you set up at an event or attend a trade show. These small stickers act as a free gift for prospective customers and allows them to advertise for you.

Stickers are more than just simple decorations. You can now make custom designs that include as much information about your company as you want to share like your email or physical address and phone number. Customers can use those stickers to advertise your business everywhere they go.

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