Since the last couple of years, the Indian real estate segment has seen a segment growth and the commercial sector, in particular, has been on an optimistic growth trajectory and one of the best examples is the commercial office  space in Nagpur

Whether it is on your desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, your work environment can be taken with you .so, it is important to make sure you optimize your productivity by making your work environment a positive, attractive, and organized space.

Smart companies understand that efficient workspaces are one of the important business tools

Importance of commercial office space

  • Higher yields: If we invest into residential assets can at best provide for a 3-4% per annum yield, investing into commercial assets can provide a return generally not less than 6%, going by past trends.
  • Lesser maintenance spend: In residential buildings, the spend on maintenance and upkeep of the inside of the premises would be more to the landlord, on the other hand, commercial asset side, the tenants would volunteer and keep a regular check it is important for them to keep the place to the best standards in their own interest.
  • Valuation: Due to the higher yields and the nature of assets, commercial investments have fairly higher valuation guidance as compared with the residential buildings.
  • Longer leases: Commercial rents typically have investments into interiors coming in from the incumbent tenant which would safeguard the interest of the landlord to a greater extent in terms of predictability of lease. Even in cases where landlord invests after having purchased it from an earlier tenant, the lock-in periods being defined would safeguard the interest of the landlord.
  • Leveraging: Leveraging on a commercial asset is by far one of the cheapest forms of leverage for a landlord. And Commercial assets tend to appreciate multifold than residential assets in a long run

Virtual office

  • With time virtual office in Nagpur are becoming more profitable and are an increase in demands
  • It certainly costs less to work from a virtual office than a traditional office space
  • It includes Wi-Fi-enabled flex workspace for early-stage startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers
  • Things are more flexible when you work from a virtual office.
  • . When you work from a virtual office, there is no commute, so you can say goodbye to the wasted hour and a half you’d spend just being on your way to or from work
  • Here highly professional image is projected by highly skilled and trained staff that radiate competence.
  • Working from a virtual office is a lot easier on the environment than working from a traditional office.


We spend much more time in office then we actually think we do. One obvious reason for this can be the engaging and comforting atmosphere, and the quality interaction with colleagues in between tasks. Quality interaction can be effective only if the environmental conditions permit enough comfort in doing so.