What is the difference between Leadtrekker and a customer relationship management (CRM) system?

What is a customer relationship management system?

Customer relationship management systems make use of software that compiles customer information into a coherent database. It is usually a collection of contact information such as names, phone numbers and email addresses. The information is easy to access when a CRM system is used as all the data is in one place. The CRM system is based on the customer lifecycle. The customer lifecycle is based on four main elements, namely:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Orders
  • Support

The marketing department is in charge of generating leads and running campaigns so that the CRM receives data to work with. Sales refer to the conversion of leads (into sales)and these are quantifiable. Orders refers to invoices to deliver products. And finally, support entails the training on the use of the productand/or providing services to customers.

What is Leadtrekker?

Leadtreakker is a lead management system. Leadtrekker is not a CRM; it is not a database or collection of information. Leadtrekker is active lead management software. This software actively tracks leads and does much more.

Leadtrekker creates a client database and tracks the progress of generated leads. This includes assigning leads to the relevant parties with real-time SMS and email notifications. If the lead is not followed up on, someone with seniority will be notified that the person responsible for the lead is late. This way you can never lose a lead again. The lead will be nourished and nurtured from generation to sale – every time!

Not only can Leadtrekker compile client information for later retrieval, but it also tracks and stores leads. Tracking and storing leads enables you to measure the leads’ progress and identify where they originated from. This is valuable business information. Knowledge is power: Leadtrekker collects every bit of information so that you have all the power you need to generate and track leads so as to successfully execute sales.

You may think it would be difficult to integrate this into the complex and extensive systems you already have in place but luckily for you, Leadtrekker has thought of everything. It is compatible with most content management systems (CMSs) like Drupal and WordPress which makes the integration of Leadtreakker unbelievably simple.

You may also be wondering where the, Why choose Leadtrekker? section is. But in all honesty, the real question is, Why aren’t YOU using Leadtrekker? Scramble for the contact page now. Change the way you do business. Get Leadtrekker today!