Main Benefits of Computer Telephony Integration in Customer Support  

Computer Telephony Integration is a technology that many businesses can profit from. Being able to control a telephone without actually using a telephone is undoubtedly very convenient. Salesforce integration offering computer telephony integration brings customer support up to the next level and it comes with these main benefits.

Increased Productivity

The ease-of-use that comes with being able to make and receive phone calls from your computer results in higher efficiency. Agents can have control over calls in a browser where everything is integrated. They know exactly who is calling and have all necessary caller information in front of them. The database of user information allows agents to transfer phone calls easily to the person that is qualified most for helping out a specific customer. Furthermore, computer telephony integration achieved through Salesforce integration increases collaboration due to the ability of warm transfers and real-time information updates. The average length of calls is significantly reduced, which maximizes the amount of phone calls agents can make per hour. Call monitoring and recording gives team leaders the chance to give agents valuable feedback on their performance so they can further improve.

Reduced Costs

Having to purchase various equipment, such as telephones, for your call center and having to maintain and replace it can get very expensive. A computer telephony integration system is much cheaper and allows for more flexibility. In addition to saving a lot of money on expensive and redundant equipment through Salesforce integration software, you can also reduce your costs by being able to hire remote agents, which eliminates the need for a large physical office location. With increased productivity also comes reduced costs as less agents are necessary for maintaining a call center.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Automatic caller authentication gives agents the chance to screen all incoming phone calls and prepare themselves. The detailed caller information enables agents to resolve an issue as fast as possible without having to make the client wait. Having information in one virtual place saves time and customer service can be more personalized. There’s no need for going through various databases in order to find the right information. Customers don’t want to have to repeat themselves over and over again when being transferred. When having to transfer a call, all necessary information is already readily available for the other agent through the synchronized database. Being able to monitor agents’ calls and guide them leads to improved performance and ultimately increased customer satisfaction.

Computer telephony integration can make your call center more effective and your agents and customers are going to be happier and more satisfied. Be aware that your call center can benefit from Salesforce integration in many more ways than discussed.