Do you have fingers that heat? Are you making too many typos as soon as you try to type very quickly? Here we will describe free typing lessons for beginners.  Adopt the keyboard shortcuts: your abbreviations will automatically be replaced by words or even whole sentences.

There is a possibility to optimize the note taking by misappropriating the “automatic correction” function of the Word software. Here are some explanations.



When taking notes, a certain number of words come back periodically: concepts, verbs, names, keywords, acronyms. It may be useful to create keyboard shortcuts of these repeated words, to avoid wasting time typing them in full. These shortcuts can also prevent spelling errors. Be careful, this tip is not suitable for all: so it is best to ensure its practicality before using it in meetings!

How to do it?

You first need to select in your document the name or group of words for which you want to create a shortcut.

If you want this keyboard shortcut to match a particular formatting, make sure you select these words in the formatting you want. Then you go to the “File” tab of Word, “Options”, “Verification”, “AutoCorrect Option”.

Which shortcut to choose?

It is strongly advised to enter a shortcut that is not present in another word or acronym. Thus, for the word “explanations”, avoid choosing the group of letters “exp”, present both in “explanations” and “experiment” or “experimentation”. Prefer, for example, the “exps” group. Test it by typing in your document the shortcut followed by a space.

If you lack ideas, type the first abbreviation that comes to your mind. The bottom line is that this abbreviation corresponds to you and so you can remember it. You can try pen abbreviations, ideas may come more easily.

Which words will be usefully replaced?

During a note-taking exercise, observe what words you typed in abbreviations. “ODJ” for “agenda”, “perf. For performance “,” RPS “for” psychosocial risks “?

These are the words you can integrate into the shortcuts. Also note the words that you must regularly correct due to typos: if you often type “traducrion” for “translation” … you know what else you have to do!

You can go further and record recurring phrases in your documents, such as “vali” for “to be validated before sending”, or “unanimous” for “unanimously approved”.

If you become fed up with this feature (which is my case), consider creating a keyboard shortcut to keyboard shortcuts. Personally, I saved the command ctrl + Alt + w, which directly opens the AutoCorrect options window.

After practice of these shortcuts, you can check your typing speed from typing test for beginners.