Planning To Buy Jet Fuel for Your Pre-Trip? Things to Consider

When it comes to buying jet fuel and arranging it for your trip, you need to consider a number of things like finding the best price in the market, getting it delivered on time, as well as availability of better credit options. Getting the fuel arranged on time as well as at the right price that too using a fuel card makes things better. Moreover, getting your fuel arranged in advance before your reach there is always best.  You need to consider a few things when planning a trip and they are:

What should be the foremost step when buying jet fuel?

It is always better to know about the trip details before you contact the sales representative to buy aircraft fuel. It must be made clear about the type of the flight like whether it is non-scheduled commercial or a private business flight, whether there is a need of anti-icing additive like Prist and how about having some alternative stops to take up fuel as a part of cost cutting. Moreover, getting fuel price including taxes and other fees should definitely be considered.

Are jet fuel prices estimated for each stop and what kind of information can be expected in it?

Most of the time this depends on the aviation fuel supplier. In case of some operators, you will get the fuel information through the software program. Some of the displayed price includes taxes. It would be better that you get the estimate price along with taxes and other fees as it will help to compare the price with other fuel suppliers in the market. To get the right price results, it would be important to mention whether you are going for a charter flight or whether you will be taking a domestic or international flight next time. Lack of proper information will give you wrong results.

What all should be considered when getting fuel estimates?

Check for the estimated date, look for the applicable taxes as well check the supplier who is going to fuel the aircraft. With the changing location and the supplier the prices of aircraft fuel is going to change. Make sure you go for a major jet fuel supplier for better deals. Also be aware of the cancellation fees as well as the minimum volume requirements. Some of the locations are seen to be charging more for the after-hour-jet fuel deliveries.

What is the validity of the jet fuel prices?

Most of the time it purely depends on the frequency of the supplier to update the prices and the destination. In some countries, the fuel prices are updated on daily, monthly or bi-monthly basis. At certain countries like of US, the fuel prices are updated weekly. So it would be better that you get the fuel prices for a date very close to your trip.

What information should be provided for a fuel uplift arrangement?

The information varies from location to location. Most of the time, you are asked to provide the company name, tail number, ground handler, volume requirements, ICAO destination, ETD/ETA, and next destination. In case you need large volume of jet fuel, you must make a request in advance.

So better keep these things in mind and enjoy an amazing trip with you aircraft.