Custom LED Lights For Your Storefront- Why You Must Have Them

Are you looking for the right business signage for your storefront? Are you looking for something that stands out and attract more customers to your storefront? Well, you should consider installing Custom LED lights. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider using custom LED lights for your business signage needs.

  1. Durability

Keep in mind that your business signage needs to be on even at night to make sure that your customers know where to find you. You wouldn’t want to spend your resources on business signage that doesn’t last long enough to create enough awareness about your products and business. However, since LED lights are durable, you can always customize them for your business signs and enjoy the benefits for a long time.

  1. Energy Efficient

LED lights produce directional lighting thus producing more efficiency with lower energy consumption. As a result, by customizing LED lights for your business signs, you are in a good place to create brand awareness or entice more customers to your store without spending too much money on your utility bills. Compared to other types of business signage, you can save a lot more money using custom LED lights since they consume less energy.

  1. Weather Resistant

Did you know that LED lights can work perfectly in any type of weather? Whether it is stormy, cloudy, raining or sunny, you can always hang out your business signage to make sure your customers know where to find you. Therefore, you don’t have to find alternative ways of advertising your business in extreme weather conditions because the LED lights will do the job for you effortlessly.

  1. Color Preferences

It would be hard enough for your business to stand out if you were all using the same coloring for your LED lights. Well, thanks to color rendering available with LED lights, you can choose any color preferences that match your business brand and products effortlessly. If you are looking for the best way to stand out from the competitors, you can always rely on the color preferences available with LED lights for your business signage.

  1. Eco-Friendly

LED lights are perfect for business signs because they are energy efficient and don’t contain mercury. Therefore, they are environmentally friendly. Additionally, LED lights don’t contain lead, a dangerous substance that is being cleared out from numerous business signage options. Therefore, if you are looking for a way for your business to go green, you can always count on these business signs.

  1. Customizable

Besides the color preferences available with LED lights, you can easily customize them to create logo designs, images or anything that represents your brand. Even better, by choosing the right color and image combination, customers will be able to associate it to your brand, increasing your customer traffic and eventually your overall sales.

  1. Increased Control

Do you want your LED lights for your business signs to run the whole night without the trouble of switching them on or off? Well, you can add motion sensors or occupancy controls for the best results. If you are running a 24 hour store, you can enjoy using these controls without your lights ever going on or off and also without requiring manual switching effortlessly.

  1. Viewable From A Distance

Whether you are operating in a remote part of town or mostly at night, you can always enjoy using custom LED lights for your business. That’s because they are viewable from a distance, regardless of the time of day or night. Therefore, customers can use the lights as a beacon to find your store and your products, increasing your customer base instantaneously.

  1. Saving Money

Take an instance where you recently opened your first store and you are a little short on resources. Certainly, you would be looking for the best ways to save money, especially on marketing. Well, thanks to custom LED lights, you can count on an inexpensive way to make sure your customers know about your business. First, they are energy efficient meaning that your utility bills will not spike by installing a large customized LED light for your business signage.

On the other hand, once installed, they can be controlled using motion sensors effortlessly. That means you don’t have to waste a lot of time installing additional control options to keep the sign running through the night. Finally, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the sign once you have paid the customization and installation fee. Therefore, using custom LED lights for your business signage is a great return on your investment.

  1. Little Or No Maintenance Required

Imagine how tiring it would be if you had to make a few adjustments to your business signage every hour just to make sure that it’s working right. You would end up wasting a lot of money that is required elsewhere in your business. Well, you can always rely on customizable LED lights for your business signage because there is little, or no maintenance required. Once you have chosen the right wordings, images and colors, you can install your business signage and forget about it. On the other hand, since it is durable, you can sit back and relax the investment without any qualms.

How To Find The Right Signage Company

Of course, for you to enjoy these and more benefits of using custom LED lights for your business signage, you need to be able to find the right company for your customization needs. Start by looking for a signage company with enough experience and stellar reputation in the creation of business signage. You can always refer to the previous customers and find out their experience about working with the company.

Also, a company such as Cincinnati custom signs with a fast turnaround and high-quality results would be a good bet, when looking for customizable LED lights for your business signage needs. It would also benefit your business if you found an affordable company with the cheapest rates without any compromise on the overall quality of the final product. That’s why you should ask for written estimates from different companies before making your choice.

Understanding The Difference Between An Insurance Broker And Underwriter

Have you ever wondered how your insurance provider is able to provide insurance covers at a relatively low price? In simple terms, insurance is all about predicting future. The insurance companies calculate the probability of an event and based on the calculated probability, they calculate the risk and the cost of covering that risk in terms of insurance premium and deductibles.

For doing all these calculations, insurance companies employ individuals known as underwriters. The job of underwriters is to use statistical tools to determine the probability of happening of an insurance event and arrive at a premium. In simple terms, it is the underwriter who determines your premium and whether the insurance company will provide you with an insurance cover you desire.

The Difference between an Insurance Broker and Underwriter

Insurance Broker

An insurance broker is an individual or Procom Insurance Company Miami, that sells insurance policies to business owners or individuals. There are many different types of insurance brokers or agents. Some companies directly employ insurance brokers to sell their insurance products. There are captive insurance brokers that advise clients regarding their insurance needs, but they sell insurance products only from a particular company. There are also independent insurance brokers that provide insurance products from a variety of companies.

In simple terms, the primary focus of a broker is to sell insurance policies. A broker also obtains important information from insurance prospects to allow the underwriters to figure out whether those prospects are eligible for insurance coverage. In most cases, brokers are compensated on commission basis as they receive commission from insurance companies for every policy sold by them.

An insurance broker does not create insurance policies, set insurance rate or perform under writing. In other words, they do not have any control over the insurance policy issued by an insurance company. All of these tasks are done by the underwriters employed by the insurance company. An insurance broker has absolutely no control over the prices set by the insurance companies.

Insurance Underwriter

The job of an insurance underwriter is to evaluate the risk of insuring an individual, a car, your home, business or any other product that the insurance company wants to sell. Underwriters use a variety of statistical tools, software packages and a lot of math to determine the risk associated with insuring a particular thing or an individual. Then, they set a price in order to establish the insurance premium for taking on that risk.

In simple terms, their job is to figure out the amount of insurance that can be offered as well as whether the insurance company should offer insurance based on their risk assessment. You can also say that they work behind the scenes in an insurance company.

Job of an Insurance Underwriter

They review risk information in order to figure out the actual risk and the kind of policy coverage the insurance company can provide. They also sometimes negotiate with the insurance broker to offer insurance in special cases when the standard policy doesn’t suffice.

They are professionals with training in statistics, mathematics and actuarial calculations. They have specialized knowledge of risk assessment and they carry out calculations to figure out whether the insurance company should insure something or someone, and at what cost.

Need for an Insurance Underwriter

If you’re wondering why insurance companies need to employ the services of an underwriter, consider the fact that insurance is a gamble but it’s a calculated gamble. If you do not buy insurance for your business or your home, you are assuming that nothing is going to happen to your business or your home and you have absolutely no need for any protection.

On the other hand, when you buy insurance from an insurance provider, it is the job of the insurance underwriter to figure out the amount of risk they can underwrite and how much money they need as insurance premium in order to underwrite that much risk. If their calculations suggest that the risk is too high, the insurance company won’t take on the risk. The calculation of the risk assessment is based on calculation of probability of an event happening. The premium calculation is based on this probability and underwriters do all the calculation to determine the premium.

Insurance Underwriter vs Broker

The job of an insurance broker is to sell the risks. All insurance brokers are provided an underwriting manual that outlines the standard situations and rules. All insurance companies have standard policies that are sold by insurance brokers. They don’t have any decision-making authority and they cannot change rates or clauses in the insurance policy. They cannot make any special arrangements or bend the rules to offer specific insurance to a client without the consent of the underwriter.

The insurance agent represents clients by advocating on the behalf of the clients in order to get them the required insurance. An insurance broker will answer all your queries when you are trying to buy insurance. They are there to explain various types of coverage and help you get adequate cover for your particular needs.

The job of an insurance underwriter is to protect the company by assessing risks and by enforcing the underwriting rules. An underwriter has a lot of decision-making power which means they can make exceptions or bend the rules. They are also free to cancel your policy, or they can refuse to offer insurance in case they determine that a particular situation carries too high risk.

An insurance underwriter reviews insurance policies based on the risk information available to them. Typically, an insurance underwriter comes into picture if there is a material change in the insurance conditions or risk. They will reassess the policy to make sure that the company will continue the insurance policy on current terms or whether the company should issue a new policy based on new terms. New insurance terms may include increase or decrease in coverage as well as deductibles.

As an insurance buyer, you are unlikely to deal with an insurance underwriter. You will be dealing with an insurance broker who will suggest the right type of insurance coverage for your particular requirements. An underwriter will only speak with the insurance agent as their job is to review the risk associated with insurance and to set specific conditions of acceptance. If you want to discuss the decision made by the underwriter at the insurance company, you may only speak with your insurance broker and not with the underwriter directly.

Tips to Help Produce Quality Business Content

Every writer wish to create a content that is rich in quality and is insightful. Nobody wants their content to be unread and ignored. In Spite of this, not every content created is a quality content.

What Is Quality Content?

To me, a quality content can be referred to a content that satisfies the hunger of audiences searching for certain topic, problem or query. If your content isn’t able to satisfy that hunger, the content produced might be interesting and entertaining but it won’t be called a quality content.

We all know that content is king. Content has the power to bring leads to the company to increase B2B Sales. A content can define the reputation of the company. But the question arises, how to produce such quality content to achieve those objectives of the business.

Here are few things that we must keep in mind before and while creating and producing contents.

  • Focus On Strategy

Producing content isn’t the exact task of a content marketer but it’s the work of a content writer. A content marketer is responsible of developing strategy for creating quality content, organise those incoming contents, and distributing the liability for content creation from within the organisation.

One of such content marketing strategy includes documented content strategy. According a research by Content Marketing Institute, it has been found that documented content strategy is found be more effective than those using other strategies like verbal and no strategy at all.

  • Ingenuity

A creative and an original content always catches the eye of the readers. One should always keep this in mind that Google only likes to choose original content over those cheated and copied. If you want to have a great bottom line, your content must contain ingenuity of its own. Also, copied content are punished by Google which, in turn, will crush your bottom line resulting to a great loss. For instance- the content of ezine articles and mahalo suffered a great loss, despite of creating new contents everyday. The reason being those content were not original.

  • Appropriate Length

It has become very difficult to decide whether to produce lengthy content or short. We all know that Google prefers lengthy content, a content that covers all aspects on a certain topic. Whereas at the other side, audience using mobile phones look for short content. Hence, estimating the word count or length of the content is critical.

One thing that we all must focus on is the matter we need to put into the article. If you’re writing for something, try to put all the information required and related to the same topic. No matter, how long it exceeds. But if something you write in 4000 words can be squeezed to 1000 words, could be better. Don’t keep the content too short or too lengthy. Make it reader friendly as well as Google likeable.

  • Eye-Catching Headlines

Headlines are an interesting part of the any content. Even if your content is not that much interesting, it has the power to bring audiences to your website and is able to create an urge inside them to read through the content. Sometimes, you create a great article, put images and videos in it, make it entertaining and interesting in all the possible way you can, still there are less views and reads on the article. It’s because your headline is not that much convincing.

Hence, headline of a content plays a crucial role in bringing the readers to your website and to read the content.

  • Provide Answers

While you are writing something, make sure that you have answered all the questions that might arrive in the reader’s mind. When readers find everything in your content, he/she doesn’t need to roam anywhere else to get the answer to the question arising in their mind. This creates a better impression of you and your website and make them visit again and again whenever they feel the need. A trust is created between you and the reader.

While at the other side, when you don’t create a content providing the answers that might arise in the reader’s mind then as already said your content isn’t a quality content. The reader gets annoyed and they have to go to other websites to get the answers. This way you lose readers and their trust.

  • Add Images And Videos

Related images and short videos add a spice in your content. These makes you content appear interesting, entertaining and funny. Pictures, videos and diagrams are able to illustrate your points better than the texts since visualisation has always been great at influencing its impact on people’s mind.

Therefore, whatever you are writing, add some images and videos to it. The only condition is that the images that you put in add some value real value to your content, otherwise it’s of no use and is completely as waste.

  • Correct Use of Grammar And Correct Spellings

Grammar and spellings show how much a particular page or website can be trusted. If you use wrong grammar and incorrect spellings in your content, who is going to read it? Nobody, of course. Incorrect grammar and spellings downvote your website and weakens your bottom line. Bad grammar will degrade your brand.

If your grammar isn’t better, you must employ some best grammar tools like Grammarly. With the tool, the chances of making grammatical mistakes and spellings will be reduced and you can write error-free. This will again make you and your website trustworthy.

The Influence of Sewing Machines in Your Lives


Sewing has come into existence many years ago but you can always opt for one when in need. A sewing machine is identified as an electromechanical or mechanical machine that is utilized for joining fabrics making use of threads. It has the capacity to develop a huge variety of plain as well as patterned stitches. These machines were invented during the 1800s and they were viewed as vital discoveries that have been made in the textile industry. Among various kinds of sewing machines, the domestic sewing machines are considered the most perfect for the purpose of sewing. Today, you will find them in almost all houses to help people of both the genders.

The best machines for the beginners

You will find many kinds of sewing machines that are obtainable in the market and they are found in different sizes, colors, speed, functions, features, types etc. When you are looking out for one particular type of sewing machine for a specific kind of sewing then getting that is really easy but when you search for a machine that can fulfill all your sewing tasks then that can turn out to be a daunting task. When you are a beginner, it would be highly advisable to use one user-friendly all-round machine and it would be better for you to avoid sophisticated machines equipped with complex functions and features. For more info on sewing machines, log on to sites like

Particular models like, Brother; Singer etc. fit the bill of the beginners remarkably well. With so many different stitches, you can exercise your creative mind remarkably well. The majority of the machines for the novice sewers include different snap-on presser feet and this machine contains 7 like the walking foot allows you to sew for different layers. The other presser feet comprise different stitching requirements, like overcasting, zigzag, quilting, and blind stitch foot among many. With these different kinds of feet, you will be able to produce superior quality items easily.

Buying the best sewing machine for your needs

A sewing machine that will satisfy your requirements and easier to use can make your learning process much easier in the long run. Finally, the difference lies in the fact between getting which one you wished for versus spending a lot of money as well as energy into it. Before buying one, you must learn the mechanism of action of different sewing machines and you must confine yourself to the simple ones only. For getting more info on sewing machines, visit any site like

What to do When Your Insurance Company do not offer a Good Lawyer

Accidents occur unannounced. Nobody is prepared for it. However, what you do after the accidents is more important. You can redeem all of your money if you have been in a car accident. Your auto insurance agency will pay for a legal advisor to protect you in case you are sued. However, as with most lawful issues, there are special cases. Go to in order to get more information related to car insurance.

When all is said and done, all collision protection arrangements contain dialect expressing that the insurance company will give a legal advisor to the policy-holder. On the off chance that he or she gets messed up and sued for the problems that he may have caused in the crash. This is a piece of the insurance agency’s legally binding obligation to protect, which can be found in every single distinctive sort of risk protection arrangements.

Car insurance in a foreign country

Your collision protection arrangement may not make a difference when the crash happens in any other country. The situation gets worse, if the car is rented. When you are traveling around the world, you need to make sure that you have insurance. However, it is not always possible to get insurance easily.
However, if you have car insurance, it will give you certain rights that will be in your favor.

The damages are much higher than the financial aid

You must be aware of all the policies that are in your favor. Sometimes, the people take advantage of your unawareness. In this way, you might miss out some of the best facilities that the company has to offer.

It is basically the responsibility of the insurance company to provide you with the coverage for the damages. However, if you fail to notify the company in the given period of time then you will be unable to claim. Nevertheless, if you are hurt and you are unable to contact the insurance, you can let them know. This might act as an excuse as well. The best way to avoid any kind of inconvenience is to contact them instantly. It is better to not to take a chance. Go to car accident lawyer WA to find more details.

Keep in mind that there is a limitation in the way the company will help you. If the damages are a lot more than the promised money then you would have to pay for the rest of the damages.


Your Essential Guide to Product Packaging: Budget, Layers, and More

When you are designing packaging for your product, it’s essential to make it right. The right packaging can mean a world of difference. Of course, your packaging will depend on the kind of product you have (whether it’s a food item, cosmetics, a cleaning product, and so on) but the packaging will also depend on how the product will be bought and who will buy it. Apart from this, there are other aspects to consider when creating packaging design. Here’s your essential guide to product packaging: budget, layers, and more.

Your packaging budget

Professionals in packaging design will confirm that there are two essential categories in terms of packaging design budgets: one-time expenses and per item expenses.

A one-time expense includes the payment for the design that has been done by a professional company, and the setup of the print plate (if you are opting for offset or large print runs). These expenses are paid for on an up-front basis, and only one time unless you decide to change the design of your packaging.

Per item expenses are the expenses associated with labour and materials. Every packaging box comes in a set amount, and so will the tissue paper or tape to seal the package, and so on. You may also have to pay for the expense of having someone place your product inside the packaging unless you are willing to do it yourself.

Before you begin with your packaging design process, you should have a basic estimate of how much you can afford to spend. Bear in mind, however, that cheap is not always best; if you pay a bit more for quality materials, then you can actually enhance your image as well as the selling price.

Layers in product packaging

Packaging for products is comprised of 3 layers: the outer package, the inner package, and the actual product packaging. Depending on your product, you may need all or one of these.

The outer package is what the customer will see from the outset. The outer package has the purpose of protecting your product from contamination or the elements, and this often includes the box the product will be shipped in or the shopping bag where the product will be placed in a shop.

The inner package is the packaging which keeps the product secure and safe within the outer package. This could be comprised of tissue paper, packing peanuts, or other materials which prevent the product from getting scuffed or jostled about. It can also be a simple sealed bag.

The product packaging will essentially be the actual box where the toy is placed, the actual bottle of shampoo, the actual wrapper of a chocolate bar, and so on.

Now that you know more about these factors, it’s time to design the perfect product packaging. Good luck!

What Are The Different Payment Processing Services For My Small Business?

If you are not currently accepting credit card payments for your goods or services, you are leaving money on the table. Accepting credit cards is one of the best ways to boost sales throughout your business. Accepting credit cards allows customers have more flexibility with their payments to your business which is only going to boost conversions and total sales. However, choosing the best payment processor is not easy given the variety of factors involved in the decision and with the countless processor options available to choose from.

Tips For Sorting Through The Different Payment Processing Services:

  1. Fees

The main thing that any small business is going to be worried about when choosing a processing service would likely be fees. The fees range from setup to transactional fees. Along with this, a lot of processors charge various additional fees that you will need to factor into your decision-making process. The fees associated with each processor is a major concern for small businesses because it can alter the profitability that you are able to achieve with your business and picking the one with the best fee structure for your business can make a big difference in your bottom line. Some processors are going to be ideal for certain businesses based on having smaller transactions.

Best For Small Transactions: Paypal

Paypal is going to be a great option for those that are looking to incorporate credit card payment processing into their business because it offers an excellent fee structure for businesses that generate a lot of microtransactions which range from $1 to $10. IT also has a zero-setup fee that is required and can help to facilitate both mobile and online payment solutions for your business.

  1. Convenience and Technology

Another major thing that is going to come into play when you are looking to choose the right payment processing solution for your business would have to be both the convenience and technology that each processor offers. Some processors are faster to adapt to new technologies than others. Having a processor with a fast adoption rate of newer technology can allow you to take advantage of being able to offer more convenience to your customers. Not only does it help your business look better, but it can improve the perception of your entire brand in the marketplace as well.

Best Forward-Thinking Processor: Square

Square has been a leader in mobile payment solutions. For this reason, a lot of restaurants are using this payment processor because they make it incredibly easy for customers to use. Having a forward-thinking processor will put your brand in a good light when it comes to brand perception.

  1. Contracts

Another thing that you are likely going to want to factor into your decision-making process would be whether or not the payment processor is going to force you into a long-term contract. Some businesses might not like the limited flexibility that is offered by certain processors that attempt to lock you into long-term contracts. Therefore, this might be a deal breaker for some. There are processors available that will not force you to sign a contract.

  1. Setup Costs

As noted previously, a small business is likely going to be concerned with the total amount of setup and setup costs associated with choosing a specific processor. You want to find a processor that is not only quick and easy to setup so you can get started with accepting credit card payments right away, but also one that is not going to cost a lot of money to set up. There are various options available that are not going to have any sort of hefty setup fees associated with the processing service and these options might be ideal for small businesses.

Best Low-Cost Setup Options: PayPal, Square

  1. Customer Service

When looking to identify the right payment processing services for your small business, you will want to be sure to figure out how reliable their customer service and customer support are. You want to place a significant emphasis on finding one that has excellent customer support because it can make a big difference in determining how reliable they will be and how quickly your issues will be resolved.

Best For Customer Service: Cayan Merchant Services

  1. Customized Solutions

The fact is, the only way to get the best processing service for your small business is to opt for a company that is willing and able to offer customized solutions for your business. Your business model might not be entirely conducive to specific processors because they might charge more money per transaction than you can handle. By finding a processor that is going to be able to offer you more flexible and customizable solutions, you should be able to find one that is going to effectively tailor it to your business model. There are certain processors that excel at these criteria.

Best Customized Solutions: PayPal,

Overall, there are a lot of different things that you will want to think about when you are looking to identify the right credit card processor for your business. Your small business needs to accept credit cards to succeed in today’s marketplace. Therefore, it is wise to choose a processor for your business. However, as noted above, with the endless amount of options available, it can be difficult finding the right one. Luckily, the endless amount of options on the market to choose from has led to stiff competition for your business. Because of this, many processors are offering more value at lower costs than ever before.

There has never been a better time to choose to invest in a credit card processor for your business. Whether you value innovative payment solutions or customer service, you should be able to find the right fit for your business. In fact, many processors will even tailor their fee structure to your specific business model which can help you keep more profit in your pocket rather than dishing it out in transaction fees. Follow the tips above and you should be able to choose the right payment processing solution for your small business.

6 Talent Assessment Tools, Ranked from Most to Least Effective

In a race to recruit and hire top talent job candidates, many employers are turning to an array of talent acquisition tools to help them filter through their candidate pools during the employee assessment test and job test process. But which talent job assessment test is the most accurate in terms of their relationship to predicting job performance?

The truth is it depends on the type of employee assessment tools your organization uses, and the process you use to analyze the results.


Talent assessments provide a wealth of information to help leaders understand why people think and behave the way they do. From simulations to interviews, there are a number of different candidate assessment tools organizations use to find, hire, and keep talent that drives there business forward. However, not all of these tools are created equal.

Below is a look at six talent assessment tools used in the employee selection process – ranked from most to least effective – and an analysis of their predictive power in terms of determining future performance.


Work samples and simulation tests are used in the pre-hire assessment process to give employers the opportunity to see the candidates in action. These tests involve giving the candidates a work-related task to complete or having them engage in a role-play simulation test. The main objectives of this type of testing are to access job-specific skills and to analyze decision-making capabilities.

While work samples and simulations are similar, there are some key differences between the two. A candidate completing a work sample will perform a subset of a job’s tasks, often in the actual environment and using the requisite tools and equipment. A candidate completing a simulation will perform job-related activities in a fictitious environment that mirrors the actual job.

Employers who utilize simulations and work samples can assess how the candidates work under pressure, and if they can multi-task and prioritize. This assessment technique is one of the strongest predictors of job performance when administered correctly. Getting the most accurate results from these employee selection tools requires customized work sample and simulation assessments that are highly structured and based on accurate job responsibilities specific to your organization. A trained evaluator also should analyze standardized results.


Pre-hire assessment tests used to analyze cognitive ability and problem-solving measure a person’s reasoning and logic skills, ability to learn new material, and reading comprehension.

study conducted by psychologists John Hunter, Ph.D. and Frank Schmidt, Ph.D. showed a direct link between cognitive ability and job performance across multiple job types. Additionally, these types of tests are cost-effective to administer, and cognitive ability tests have been shown to predict job performance particularly well for complex jobs. The more intricate the job or training demands, the better these types of assessments work. Problem-solving tests, on the other hand, can assess leadership, potential, vision, insight, and intelligence, all of which transition into a higher job performance level.


Personality and/or conscientiousness pre-hire tests assess the applicant’s thought process and analyze behavioral and emotional patterns. Job candidates are asked to evaluate themselves through a series of structured questions.

Many employers find that these tests can help pinpoint important attributes, such as leadership, integrity, attendance, creativity and cooperation. These traits in turn are quite effective at predicting future job performance, which can help with employee selection. However, the accuracy of these predictions is directly related to the quality of the tests. Highly structured personality tests that are industry specific tend to offer a higher level of results than standardized personality tests.

While personality tests can help produce a number of valid inferences for different organizational outcomes, personality tests alone aren’t as effective as simulations in identifying candidates who have the raw skills (e.g., data entry, keyboarding, or multitasking) needed to perform certain tasks essential for success on the job.


While there are a variety of different types of interviews, structured interviews have a higher degree of predictive power than other types of interviews. In a structured interview, the interviewer asks each prospective job candidate the exact same series of questions. The interviewer can elaborate if the candidate does not understand the question, but he cannot stray from the pre-determined set of questions. This type of pre-hire tool can help assess certain types of skills, such as communication skills, but this is only the case if a trained interviewer and highly-structured interview process is used. Otherwise, the results are very subjective, a factor that is not accurate at predicting job performance and not very useful in the employee selection process.


On the other hand, unstructured interviews have no set format and no set of questions to ask each job candidate. Many managers like this format because it gives them the freedom to take the interview in any direction. They believe this allows them to better assess candidates in the employee selection process.

The truth is that this type of interview leads to inconsistent and subjective results. Even trained interviewers have a difficult time comparing job applicants and providing useful results for employee selection. In addition, it is not uncommon for the interviewer to miss asking vital questions during this type of interview process, which makes it even more difficult to predict future job performance.


Many companies don’t just consider past experience a strong attribute in employee selection – they require it. Certainly, you want candidates that have the skills and tools necessary to perform the duties of the position – but do years of experience equate to a higher job performance?

Well, not always. In fact, sometime past work experience can have a negative effect. Employees who have clocked up a number of years on the job bring with them previous work experiences, both good and bad. They may also bring with them poor work habits and incorrect problem-solving strategies.

Work samples/simulation, cognitive ability/problem-solving tests, and personality/conscientiousness test all provide real value to the employment selection process, and when used properly these test can be a good indicator of future performance. FurstPerson research has shown these types of tests demonstrate significant workforce improvements, including:

  • 15% – 60% reduction in early-life attrition
  • 10% – 70% improvement in performance

While interviews do provide the opportunity for candidate engagement, due to the subjective nature of both structured and unstructured interviews, the predictive power of such tools is far more limited. Using a variety of pre-hire tools is a good strategy for increasing the defensibility of the pre-hire selection system as a whole.

No two companies are the same, which is why we partner with each of our clients to create customized pre-hire and post-hire assessment test solutions. No matter what role you’re hiring for, our consultants always work directly with you to assist with the creation and implementation of a winning strategic talent assessment process. Schedule a free consultation with us today to learn more about how we help our clients find, hire, and keep high-quality candidates.

Information about Business Lawyers

Lawyers normally get paid by the hour and respond to requests. They will initially respond as requested but might wish to do more. This puts a burden on the customer to deal with the connection in a thoughtful and organized way.

Every business needs legal advice from time to time. Most managers are not certain about the management of their connection with a Dunedin business lawyer. Here are a few tips from someone who spent over thirty years practicing law.

There are particular issues on which you may need legal advice. You might not understand what these issues are and you’ll need to get objective advice on what requires a legal review. Nevertheless, you should control the connection. The lawyer should identify to you the info you want to know to make your business decision depending on your values and business acumen.

Lawyers are paid to counsel but beware of the attorney who gives business advice, not legal counsel. Lawyers advising you shouldn’t be telling you what decision to make but informing you of the consequences that will happen based on your decision. Therefore, it’s misleading and unwise to ask an attorney for specific legal counsel and then request general business advice.

It’s reasonable for you to expect that the attorney is knowledgeable about the field of law where you have an inquiry and won’t be charging you for research that’s basically basic information regarding the subject that an experienced attorney should know.

You should be charged promptly and correctly for services with no surprises. Any question concerning the billing ought to be met with courtesy and efficiency. Don’t let something which disturbs you go with no communication to the attorney.

You need to have a written fee agreement with the attorney. You need to understand the charges and costs related to what you’re requesting before the ceremony is performed, and when there’s a change the attorney should provide you notice of the change immediately.

You should expect the attorney to be available by responding to your communications fast and by having time to go over important matters with you. It will be less expensive for you if your attorney is familiar with your company and the concerns it creates. Rejoice if a lawyer you’re handling needs to know more about your company without charging you for this moment.

There’s nothing wrong with dealing with more than a lawyer, each with experience in various areas. This can allow you to produce a thoughtful arrangement for getting legal advice and understand exactly what you like and don’t like about the many relationships.

It’s incumbent upon you to effectively manage your relationships with legal advisors. If the attorney isn’t reacting to your sensible instructions, use another lawyer.

The Unseen Advantages of Owning A Business Copier For Your Business

Today, most businesses go online promotions and strategies. They go paperless transactions to reduce paper waste and disposal. However, paper works are still critical for business for record purpose, business transactions, and even on human resources management. Each business should own a business copier, but many companies are still not into this practice. There are many unseen advantages that every business overlooked for the past years; business copier solutions are must-haves for business growth.

The Advantages of Business Copiers:


A business still needs paper works such as filing tax, invoices, pay slips, reports, etc. For these paper works, a business copier is essential to a company. Whether it is office-based or home-based, a business can not be run conveniently without a copier. Once the manager needs a physical copy of sales report or anything related, it is very convenient to get copyright away. It is also recommended to get a centralized business copier, so all computers have access to it and have instant printing once needed. If a company doesn’t have a copier, one will need to exhort extra efforts in going to a printing shop. Aside from the time, it will have extra costs like commute cost and additional workforce.


A business copier is cost-effective due to its capability of producing prints volume depending on the capacity of the machine. When compared to printing in a printing shop, owning a business copier will let the company saves money. It is also great for the environment as you can choose environmental friendly printing papers and able to recycle used paper for future printing. Plus in the long run, the business will be able to save from printing cost.


A business needs a fast, effective, and excellent solution to their needs. If a company doesn’t own a business copier, the time that will be used for printing will take longer. Imagine and try to compute the time, the time that will spend to and fro the printing shop, the waiting time for queues, etc. It will not be practical for the business to run on real-time demands.


Since the demands of growing business are growing too, the competition is very high. A business should stay and top in the competition. Many businesses didn’t foresee the importance of buying a business copier as some think that it will be an additional cost. Without realizing, their competitors are taking advantage of business copiers for their businesses’ needs.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Every business has different needs, but one of the essential equipment a business must have is a business copier. It will make printing tasks more accessible, more convenient, efficient, and in time. May CEOs saw the importance of it in their business. No matter how small or big the business is, a printer or copier is needed. Many multi-purpose copiers and printers have been used in different industry, and up to now, companies are purchasing from time to time.